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Canaries were used in coalmine tunnels to warn miners of dangerous coal gases. Since canaries are more sensitive to coal gases than humans, they would stop singing (or even die) when the dangerous gases were present in the mineshafts. Coal miners would then know to leave immediately.

Over the last several decades, we have begun to see more specific consequences of a poor diet, air pollution, synthetic/artificial products, lack of exercise, and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. Often these consequences appear in our lives so gradually that we do not notice them until it is too late. Like the coal miners, we need signals to help us understand the circumstances and pay attention. We need to know when all is well … and when it is not.

Human Canaries

Canary Connect Publications started out of Sondra Lewis’s desire to share with others what she had learned from her struggles with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities/Environmental Illness. Not only did she want to offer guidance to those seeking to heal from the same ailment, but she wanted to warn others of the dangers that she saw firsthand – dangers that most of us would not notice until it was too late. Sondra was keenly aware that practices she adopted out of necessity could benefit even those without current illness. The canaries illustrate the focus of her endeavors and symbolize the purpose of the business.

The first book published by Canary Connect Publications was Allergy & Candida Cooking Rotational Style; a year later it was revised and titled, Allergy & Candida Cooking Made Easy, which is now in its revised third edition, Allergy and Candida Cooking: Understanding and Implementing Plans for Healing.

Over the years, Canary Connect Publications has expanded to include children’s books and books that focus on healthy living choices. Most recently we have enlarged our focus to focus on prevention as well as healing, under the series title, Transitions to Better Living. The first book focusing on healthier eating is Simple Choices for Healthier Eating by Sondra Lewis and Dorie Fink.

Through all of this, however, our motivation remains the same - to sing like the canaries, sharing thoughts, ideas and research that?will improve our quality of life. Sondra's serious illness was an initial warning that something was very wrong. Because of her healing, she can now sing again, encouraging us to move forward, confident that with good, healthy choices, things can be well.


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